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She was one in a long line of selfish psychopathic villains who were instantly forgiven and befriended despite having done nothing to earn it.

After that comic I realized this was a pattern that would continue to get worse, and it did, culminating in Starlight Glimmer goose stepping into the show.
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It would have been funny if, after the forgiveness scene, after the kelpie leaves the town, Twilight suddenly snaps out not knowing what just happen or remembering anything, and for everyone discovering all of that was a product of the Kelpie's hypnosis, and used Twilight's princess status to escape unharmed.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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True, but the fact she sings "that's a lesson that the Kirin never learned" automatically implies she's more woke than they are. ;P Not to mention her being the one to figure out how to break the silence enchantment, and how to control her anger as a Nirik.


I love Kirins. They're just ponies with extra fluff. ;P

@Broken Adam
Probably better left alone, after the first few seasons. Unless theu came up with a really good and relevant one.

And I'm going to go on the record of not liking kirin, even if Autumn Blaze is cute. (I don't really like hippogriffs either, for similar reasons, but Silverstream is not only cute but also a bit too important to ignore.)
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