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gen█████ 5 is non-canon due to many things (example: design)

fluttercord███████████ is a bad ship and has some of the worst fans (not all but some are well...something)

old fandom is better especially when we had jananimations (Hasbro stinks)

all other gens (minus gen 5█████) is much better and it was more simple, especially without a fandom that became well annoying ||(and sometimes political)||

modern fandom stinks and i wish it can go back to how it was before the whole C&D thing with jan so we can make more show-accurate animations

and ONLY focus on gen 4 gen█████ 5 should stay out of the picture and be its own thing

older gens (besides gen 1) should get more love like my little pony tales or gen 3, also gen 2

there is technology in equestria they just don't show it because is not necessary and people questioning it is just plain silly


MLP FIM will be the very LAST great MLP show to ever hit popular culture unless someone comes and make a new show just as good as gen 4 but still be it's own thing (or have a better connection to gen 4 by keeping things just as how gen 4 left it and ignoring gen█████ 5 altogether) but still make it it's own thing have have better 2d animation

bonus: gen█████ 5 in 2d is ugly, especially with some characters having a bean-style head shape
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