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I wasn’t referring to her village- Starlight was no hero of the proletariat, and saying that what she had going on was communist is simply untrue- really it was more like a cult. And while she’s not as working class as, say, Applejack or Pinkie Pie, she also didn’t have a lot of the immense privilege Twilight did. Starlight presumably taught herself magic, and did so well enough she was able to fight Twilight to a draw without too much trouble and had the advantage over Chrysalis when she was powered up by the bell.

I think all of this is why she and Trixie go together so well- self-made mages with a chip on their shoulder trying to make it in the world. Starlight didn’t move in with Twilight because she wanted to, she was coerced when the options were that or actual consequences for what she did. And yes, this nepotism helped her. A lot. But something tells me a pony like Starlight would’ve been just fine on her own.

(I’ll refrain from diving too deep into a political reading of FiM because I don’t have the time or energy for it, but there is a lot to say about Twilight’s background and Equestrian politics as a whole.)
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