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So in Student Counsel we have Starlight who, despite considering Sunburst and Trixie her best friends, not only deliberately ignored Trixie, who had prepared a picnic just for her to spend the time together, but she also forgot a promise she made and continuously ignore her in the process of preparing a party instead of just making a schedule to avoid this type of problems.

Welp, there's another reason to add to the list of why Starlight is not a good friend or even a good pony. I haven't disliked her that much since Uncommon Bond.

EDIT: I also watched The Last Crusade. So... Scootaloo happens to have aunts and parents right now, I guess? I love the conflict of Scootaloo in this entire episode and I like the ending. But there are some details I'm not a fan of, like Apple Bloom's ideas which kinda makes the episode slower than it should be. Also, the designs of Scootaloo's parents are very generic, which is kinda odd considering how much I love Scootaloo. They look like a ponified fanart of Uncharted or something.

But still better than Student Counsel.
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