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[bq]And there's the episode Rock Solid Friendship. There's a flashback where Maud Pie kinda helped Starlight back in season 5, probably to suggest that "Starlight wasn't so evil, because Maud Pie was partially responsible", which doesn't make sense to me.[/bq]

I don't think that was the intention - that was most likely a one-time gag.

[bq]However, the same ponies don't question Starlight despite her actions back in season 5 and even back in season 6. Everyone is completely superstitious about her. It's not very consistent.[/bq]

Most likely because most of Starlight's actions on S5 were well away from Ponyville, and most ponies there probably only heard about them second or third hand, while Discord was right there. What Starlight did in Ponyville outside of Twilight's castle wasn't exactly much worse than Twilight's antics in Lesson Zero, for example.

Regardless, Ourtown ponies' reactions smack too much of South American messianism to me. it's like, '50 Vargas and '73 PerĂ³n to its superficial level, and without the nuances of these cases.


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