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Season 7 has some really good episodes, such as Campfire Tales, Parental Glideance and Marks and Recreation. That said, I think I like the season 8 more than 7 because:

-Many of the episodes from season 7 were too wacky and inconsistent for me.
-Some retcons in the season finale. Characters such as Starswirl didn't need to return.
-There's some self-awareness, but it's very little and very selective, kinda like the modern episodes of The Simpsons.
-Season 7 has more Starlight and Trixie episodes than season 8.

Most of the complaints I've read about season 8 are very similar to the complaints I used to have in seasons 4 and 6 years ago, especially the season 6. I'm assuming it's because many people were eventually sick of the silliness and wanted a more interesting development. By the time I went back to the show, I accepted all its problems. Like, I can't be mad at some filler episodes, Pinkie's flanderization or Starlight's character development, because I'm aware of it and I kinda expect it. xD

But overall, I think seasons 7 and 8 have some good stuff and some problems equally.
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