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I was thinking about that for a couple of minutes. It's not the first time that happened. It happened in season 5, where we saw a dangerous Starlight in the first episode and the last episode. Many people were fine with this, but I didn't. And I like season 5, it's a fine season despite its flaws (Starlight being one of them).

I think the villains will appear in this first episode and in one of the last episodes. The fact that I saw that back in season 5 makes me expecting something like that. Still, I don't know what's gonna happen in season 9, expecept that last image without context from The Last Problem.

But, after all this time, including some major disappointments back in season 6, *I'm not bothered at all.* Will season 9 have some filler episodes? Of course, just like season 4, and 6, and 7, and 8, and all the Starlight episodes where her terrible and selfish actions invalidate her redemption arc just because one fanboy wrote to Hasbro "excuse me, I wanna see something like Dragon Ball, Starlight would shoot some OP magic even though it wouldn't make sense to her redemption arc". Of course some episodes won't be as good as we expect. Sometimes the expectation we feel is bigger than the actual story we get. I think it was a HelloGreedo video, but he said there were studies that show that we enjoy more because of the expectation than the actual story. The weeks of waiting, the months of waiting... all that is intriguing and very interesting.

I don't expect the season 9 to be fully dedicated to the development of these characters based on The beginning of the end, because the season 5 didn't developed Starlight properly. She just got two episodes and nothing else. But, regardless of the result of that first episode, I think some of the episodes will be really cool. I don't expect it to be perfect, but if seasons 7 and 8 got some interesting episodes and concept ideas, the season 9 will at least have some interesting episodes. And that little wish is all that matters to me right now. Not perfect episodes, not excellent episodes, *just interesting episodes.*

I'm trying not to sound too excited or too cynical. I'm realistic. But in my defense I enjoyed at least 25% of the seasons 7 and 8. The more I watch this TV show (a TV show I stopped watching years ago), the less worried I am. I admit I was worried right after watching season 7 because of all that treatment Starlight got, which was weird. But that feeling wasn't that present months ago when I was watching season 8.

Let's see what happens. Will I get a boring episode? Yup. Will I get a bad episode? Yup. Will I get an interesting or good episode? Absolutely. *Everything is possible.*

Sorry for the long text and take care everyone. :)
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