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By the way, last month I finished playing Uncharted 4 after playing the trilogy last year. It's a pretty good game. The reason I mention this is because, without going to spoilers, Nathan does some questionable and terrible things and everyone is like "nah, no worries", which kinda reminded me of Starlight Glimmer in the show.

Dunkey said this about Uncharted 4. _*"I'm not against happy endings, but you have to earn that shit. You can't have your main guy being a complete dickhead to everyone who loves him and then yay, everything worked out! What kind of message is that?"_

The more I think of it, the more I believe that these narrative flaws happen because people love the main character **at whatever cost.** And the more people like this type of character, the more socially accepted it will be. It's a mathematical question. It's less about people who have shaky moral standards (something I said a couple of months ago) and more about loving a character just because that's what everyone does.

There's are also other external influences that reinforce this. Television, movies, the music radio, news, books, music videos, videogames, Internet, groups of friends, culture, society, etc.

Just something different I wanted to say.
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