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I recently watched Yakity-Sax, Road to Friendship and The Washouts.

The bad news is that the first two episodes were not very good. They're boring, annoying and repetitive.

The good news is that The Washouts is a very decent episode. I usually don't like returns of previous characters, but I like Lightning Dust here, because her previous actions from season 3 that got her out of the Wonderbolts academy led her to make her own version of the Wonderbolts with a couple of pegasus. I think it was very interesting.

It's also interesting how Scootaloo was written in this episode. Not only the episode touches a little bit the topic of being a new fan of a different thing, but it also shows the danger of some teams and sports and how kids are attracted to that kind of danger. When I was a kid I was interested in fatal car accident shows (there was one that I couldn't watch as often as I wanted), but now the television has shows dedicated to extreme sports with big sponsors that could be amazing for an impressionable kid. Showing what would happen if a kid really wanted to practise these sports was a nice idea.

The only problem I had with that episode is that I wish some other characters expressed some concern on Scootaloo's safety. There's a scene where Twilight tells her "Are you sure this is what you wanna do?". And I wish that Twilight, while seeing her on stage, would say "I hope she's ok" instead of clapping. That would make the situation more concerning. I also like that Lightning Dust is still an antagonist defined by her actions instead of some random shenanigan that was in the script like other characters in the season 7 or 8.

But, yeah, I didn't expect it to like it. Pretty cool. And 6 more episodes to finish the season 8!
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