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I used to hang out with some guys who love anime, and one of the shows they love was Kill la Kill. While I was watching the episodes, I didn't get the hype and I didn't think it was very coherent. The only responses I got were "keep watching, don't question it" and the classic "you don't get it". And they got heated just because I didn't like it as much as they did.

After watching 19 episodes and trying to hang out with a very weird hostile moderator who always insulted me (in a position where, if I insulted, I got quickly banned) or talked to me in a condescending way, I understood that anime wasn't for me anymore. I love Cowboy Bebop and almost all the Ghibli films, but, with the exception of some very nice and calm Ghibli fans I met, anime has a very antagonistic community.
It's a pity, because I used to love anime.
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