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I would get why Starlight could get punished, but the worst thing I could imagine for her is receiving a big scolding from a high authority. Or shaking her senses while screaming "Did you just WHAT!?"

Sludge almost ruined the relationship between Spike and Twilight at his own benefit.

Spike: I don't think so. I already know who my real family is.
Twilight Sparkle: Aww! It's me, right?

*both hug*

Sludge: Awww... I love happy endings.
Twilight, Smolder and Spike: >:(
Sludge: Oh oh...

*changes scene with the catapult*

Sludge: W-Wait! We can argue this!
Spike: Good bye, _dad_.

*Activates the catapult*

Sludge: *Goofy scream while flying away*
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