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"@Broken Adam":/forums/pony/topics/unpopular-opinion-time?post_id=4701093#post_4701093
A bad one for that was One Bad Apple. The episode preaches one moral, but doesn't depict it. The episode wants to teach that fighting back and/or standing up to a bully is wrong, and they should have told an adult instead. Except fighting back is what solves the conflict in the episode: Babs only warmed up to them because they stuck their necks out and saved her from the trap they made to stand up to her and fight back, and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon only backed down because Babs intimidated them by standing up to them and fighting back. Meanwhile, Applejack did absolutely nothing when the bullies started picking on the CMC right in front of her. Whether or not you agree with the episode's intended moral, the episode literally shows its intended message being completely ineffective while showing the very thing it sought to depict as wrong being completely effective :P

Don't get me wrong, it was funny, just didn't really itsa lesson very well. I'm willing to bet they tacked that moral on at the end just to justify making a funny episode back in a time when it was mandatory for them to have a moral :D

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Alicorns were a lot more special in the earlier seasons. Now that we know any pony can just casually be made into one, or born as one, and that most of them really aren't that inherently powerful (I legit think Twilight's powers got weaker when she became one), it just isn't that big a deal to make one anymore :D
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