Twilight sparkle thread

Background Pony #FA98
I am gonna miss this show. I Love all these characters including mane 6, princessess, background,villains, new characters, old etc. I am a big fan of my little pony friendship is magic, and my little pony equestria girls. Twilight sparkle is my favorite 1. 2 favorite starlight glimmer, 3 favorite sunset shimmer. Rarity is my 1 favorite, 2 favorite rainbow dash, 3 favorite applejack, fluttershy is my favorite 1. 2 favorite pinkie pie. Princess luna is my favorite 1. 2 favorite princess cadence, 3 favorite princess celestia. 1 favorite sweetie belle, 2 favorite apple bloom, 3 favorite scootaloo, others zecora, spike, student 6, pillers, trixie, etc. It would be cool if they can make movie brony fan earth human male was transported to equestria to meet princess, and twilight sparkle, and her friends. His name is Luis angel rivera jr. And human male Luis will make friends here, and stay here in his new home in equestria forever never return to his home world earth human . 2d 3d live animation film.
Friendship is magic . If Luis wants to protect equestria, and his new friends from invasion he need to learn to use Magic .
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