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Both is true. I think, if I would come to Equestria via portal (hopefully as a pony or my Avatar, but not as a human) and be accepted by Twilight and her friends, I would make friends with her very quickly. We have a lot in common and I appreciate her very much. But we are too similar in many ways. But I admit, her human alter ego Sci-Twi is really cute. Only too young for my taste. ;-)

But Edhelistar is right. I would ask Twilight out on a friend date anytime. Either a visit to the museum about the history of Equestria, or a lecture by and about Starswirl and the pillars of harmony. Or she'd teach me Old-Ponish. We'd definitely have a lot of fun. I probably wouldn't really date a character from Equestria. I would date Celestia now that she's given up the crown. But I suspect her sister wouldn't approve. ;-)
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