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Twilight sparkle thread

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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
Twilight Sparkle is the Reason why I’m a brony for life. <3
Since it looks like it’s becoming a nostalgia feel trip in here. I’m going to put in my two bits. ;) I started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic when I found out about it as a sophomore college student studying late at night in the engineering lab. I found out about MLP:FIM through a friend I was working with finishing an assignment. Now both of us are anime nerds so he showed me some memes about the show and I was like, “Is this really My Little Pony now? Like I mean they look totally different then the ponies I know…” He said, “Dude they are totally different now.”. I replied, “Wow, they look really cute. You know me man I’m all about that moe shit.”. XD
After class he was like, “Yup, I knew you’d like it. This is like the very definition of cute girls doing cute things. Knew you’d freaking love it and their personalities dude damn. I didn’t show you one pony in particular she is purple and in the first episode” I told him, “Why did can’t you just show me?”. He replied, “You gonnnna love her, I don’t want to spoil the first episode.”.
I then said, “I’ll watch it in the dormitory tonight, with the room shut, lmao.” Long story short after the great exposition of the elements of harmony and upon seeing Twilight Sparkle move, talk, and display her personality. Celestia, the things I’d do to Twilight Sparkle. >:3
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I'll rule the world
I would probably be a mix between fantroll and fanloud. I must admit I would be like Discord, except unlike Discord I would like Twi and no Flutters, and I would genuinely appreciate Twilight.
I must also admit I would be the guy who snarks at her instead of being the “you are always right Twilight” guy. Don’t get me wrong, in an odd way that’s how I show my appreciation. If I dislike or feel apathy to her, I probably would not talk to her at all.
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