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Trixie thread!

Human X Anthro Lover
Artist -

Trixie Best Waifu
Adonia of lavender garb
Trixie is our true God
Her thighs could crush the stars
Her breasts, they have won our hearts
Sexy Trixie, she will set us free
We worship Trixie’s name
And her physique all the same
The fruit of her labor’s plain
Trixie cannot be tamed!
Sexy Trixie, answers all our pleas!
With nothing, Trixie wins
She’ll cleanse us of all our sins
All stand up, all rise
Praise be to her wondrous thunderous thighs!
Trixie, I just wanna touch you
All over your busty chest
Wanna bury my face in your breast
Trixie, you’re so freakin’ sexy
And you’ve got me in a trance
So Twilight doesn’t stand a chance
Go save the day!
Human X Anthro Lover
Artist -

Trixie Best Waifu
Explicit/vulgar story
”Trixie come to make an announcement Twilight Sparkle is bitch ass motherfucker, she pissed on my fucking wife Starlight”
“That’s right she took her filthy horse cock out and she pissed on my fucking wife”
“And she said her was “THIS BIG” and I said that’s disgusting”
“So I’m making callout post on my Twitter.com, Twilight Sparkle you got a small dick it’s the size of this walnut except way smaller”
“And guess what here’s what my dong looks like, Apooghhsh
“That’s right baby, all big, all hard, no musky smell, look at that it looks like two balls and a bong”
“She fucked my wife so guess what I’m gonna fuck Equestria, that’s right this is what you get”
“Except I’m not gonna piss on Equestria, I’m gonna go higher”
“I’m pissing on the MOON!”
“How do you like Luna?!”
“I pissed on the moon you idiot”
“You have twenty-three hours before the piss drrroplets hit fucking Equestria”
“Now get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too”
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