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Trixie & Suicide


I’m not really ready to make a big wall of text right now, but I would agree that trixie was intent on suicide if it wasn’t for the very last second where she panicked. Last I checked if you already know you’re heading towards your willingly chosen path of death you do not panic about it. (Correct me if i’m wrong, but this was my own experience with my first suicide attempt.)
There’s the story of a guy who jumped off a bridge and survived. He later said: “On my way down, I realized that every problem in my life could be fixed, except for the fact that I had just jumped off a bridge.”
I don’t know if this is a true story but it’s believable that someone tries to kill himself and realizes in the middle of it that he actually doesn’t want to die.
Of course, Jim Miller said it wasn’t supposed to be suicide and I’ve no reason to doubt his word. Not to mention that Twilight and Starlight would’ve stopped her immediately instead of just having an idle chat about Trixie’s true intentions. Not matter how much Twilight dislikes her, she wouldn’t let Trixie kill herself. So even if I can’t come up with a good explanation for Trixie’s behavior it’s was most likely not a suicide attempt.
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I think it might have also been the realization that, even if she wanted to die, getting eaten is a painful way to go.
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@Lucky Shot  
Well I will say…not to be rude that they have a point..Then again it is your opinion and honestly your right tI be offended by people calling you stupid for it…
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Honestly doing something you know will kill you is suicide though…The Manticore was chained up so it couldn’t rampage if it wanted too and I believe Fluttershy was not scared for her own safety or acting bUT scared for Trixie. Trixie stated “If I tried that trick I’d be chewed up and swallowed” and “If you make on mistake I’ll be a goner” meaning she doesn’t have a plan to survive without Starlight… (But then again everyone has their own opinions)
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I never thought I would see the suicide gag revived since the loony toons.
I think that the sudden destruction of what she considered her first actual friendship was destroying her from the inside. She was blinded by ego but her first true freinds tears made her realise what she had done.
Just like Judas when he betrayed Jesus for greed instead of ego…  
Same result.
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Trixie did not show any of the signs that she wanted to end her life. She had a show to put on and was really just putting her money where her mouth was. Reckless? Yes. Suicidal? No.
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My thoughts? The show must go on, because Trixie is a professional. If she dies it’s just job hazard.  
Also the writers suck, because it wasn’t clear enough once again.
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Ok, I haven’t seen anyone who has been there post( or somepony has and just haven’t mentioned it) so I will. (Please forgive any format errors, I’m posting this from my phone.) I have been suicidal before. Several times. I have been hospitalized for suicide attempts twice. And as someone who knows that mindset, I can tell you that I absolutely think it’s possible that Trixie tried to kill herself. I was watching the ep with my bf’s 6 year old niece, and I almost changed the channel when I figured out where this was going. Others here have made all the relevant points about the Manticore, Trixie’s wording, etc, so I won’t go repeating them. But I can tell you that Trixie’s regret, pain, and self-depricating comments onstage hit a nerve with me, as I have talked myself down like that as well when that depressed. Add in how ostracized she’s been since her first appearance (as well as the fact that EVERYTHING we’ve seen in the show has apparently taken place in the relatively short timespan of just over a year, and you’ll likely have a depressed and regretful pony that feels like she just destroyed her first real friendship. Do I think she absolutely attempted suicide? Yeah, I really do. I understand why people would like to argue that she didn’t. But as someone who has been in that darkness, as someone who has felt that depressed and alone, I personally think that she did. Maybe as a way to show people like me that they aren’t alone in their feelings and that there is always at least one person that wants to be their friend and be there for them. But that’s just what I think.
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In spite of what Jim Miller said, there really isn’t any other way to interpret that scene. The manticore would have eaten her if the stunt failed. Maybe Trixie thought she could do the spell herself but that seems unlikely as she never figured out how Hoofdini did it. She may have been lying, but that seems unlikely.
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I can totally believe Trixie was killing herself, for all the reasons mentioned before. As for why neither Starlight nor Twilight did anything earlier? That would bring attention to the fact that she couldn’t actually do it. And that would just humiliate Trixie further.
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Twilight and Starlight really annoyed me there like “Oh look she’s trying to kill herself…Lets just have a normal conversation!” and Twilight especially “Ya it’s your choice I mean she could die but totally your choice!”
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@Lucky Shot
How did you come to the conclusion that Trixie decided to do the trick before? Starlight mentioned how Trixie was the best who promptly told her she would never be able to preform it when Starlight offered to help. No where in there did they say she was planning on doing the trick before hand.
The difference between Trixies (Almost) failed attempt to escape and Houdini’s failure to escape from the life threatening situation. Houdini has reason to believe he can survive the tricks he does while Trixie didn’t. No one seems to point this out but…There was a long pause between when the manticore swallowed Trixie and when she was saved…He didn’t look concerned in the slightest about the trick failing either. Fluttershy wasn’t scared for herself she was scared for Trixie…Fluttershy is kind not stupid she knows wild animals are dangerous to most ponies and throwing yourself into ones mouth is as well. Finally, as I said before Trixie had no intention of preforming the trick in the first place so there would really be no reason for her to play up it’s danger. It is also shown on many an occasion that Trixie is not good at real magic like most unicorns can preform which makes sense, After all according to Twilight unicorns usually only have magic relevant to their cutiemarks. The only way we can think Trixie would be able to escape death is if we assume the manticore is trained to spit her out which is faulty logic since even trained animals sometimes kill people. Which is why we cannot say the trick isn’t dangerous.
If you like I could use some quotes from the series to back up my logic here :)
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I will say that the person you replied to has NOT attempted suicide and is just saying that to be “cool.” If they actually had, they would’ve had that immediate moment of immense guilt right after they had done it. Yes Trixie attempted suicide and yes she had a valid reason to do so. People will invalidate and water down the message (because mental health is still taboo and stigmatised so people don’t want it to be in a kids show) do “it was just part of her show” BUT it’s clear that no one in the audience knew she was going to do that act, so if she knew she wouldn’t survive and didn’t want to die, she wouldn’t have done it. Doing something that you know will kill you IS suicide
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