Today is officially the 10th Anniversary of MLP:FIM!

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Happy 10th anniversary!
Soooo… Any memories, thoughts, or anything anyone wants to share?

I already told my story of how I became a fan/brony over on my DA journal if anyone wishes to see it.

Gatta say being a brony helped me get through some tough times, (like my father dying) and despite the clashes, fan-drama, and moments I'd get fed up with the fanbase, regardless, I'm still thankful for being a brony, and thankful to the brony fandom & Derpibooru too. I'm thankful to the show for showing even "girlly toy commercials" have the potential to become cult fan phenomenons.
It's been a good 10 years.
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I just remember friends from different forums I used to frequent(both went under unfortunately) getting obsessed with MLP outta nowhere and I thought it was weird, then I caved and gave it a shot and the rest is history lol
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Happy ten years.I remember it like it was yesterday,I seen "Discovery Kids" became "The Hub" after the Kenny the Shark mathron.later in the afternoon I was in the kitchen and I notice my little sister watching mlp(the scene when Twilight/Spike meet Fluttershy),I watch and said to myself "This is a really good". Record it on my DVR,watch it that night and became a fan of it and the spin-off series till the end.Looking forward for G5.
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