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The Muffins Appreciation Thread!

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Kirin Flutterfan
Really guys!? We are in a site called Derpi-booru and there’s not Derpy appreciation thread? full What’s wrong with y’all!? Let’s fix this shame right now! Y’all know the drill: Spam pics of Derps to your heart’s content over here. But first some rules:
full No naming drama. No matter which name you choose, Muffins, Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo, we are celebrating our favorite cross-eyed, mailmare pegasus.
full No headcanon wars. Some may like her as The Doctor’s companion, as a single mother or some other might just like her for what little the canon has gave us. Doesn’t matter here: We all love her.
full No shipping wars. Seriously, take that to the Shipping Thread (Sorry @Chrys).
full Since we can’t really stop from posting abuse pics, considering who we are talking about in this topic, let’s keep it to the confines of cartoon violence and slapstick. No grimdark, no gore, no rape. Okay? Good!  
full Standard Safe image commenting rules apply, only Safe pics and comments. If you want to post something Suggestive, Questionable or Explicit, cover it up with spoiler syntax like in the example.
With nothing else to add, I’ll start with something of my own creation:

>>228567p (deleted)
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