The G2 & G3 Appreciation Thread

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Just finished watching G3! Here are my thoughts:
  • All the stories were cute and lovable
  • How did Kathleen Barr go from the wise and calm-mannered Kimono to the loud-mouthed and egotistical Trixie? 😅
  • I couldn’t listen to Zipzee, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity without hearing G4 Pinkie Pie and Spike respectively.
  • I can see Pinkie Pie hasn’t changed much in the transition from G3 to G4.
  • I didn’t like how pushy Spike was in The Princess Promenade.
  • I already mentioned this a couple days ago, but;
Wish You Were Here is kind of a banger
  • I’m wondering why the Meet The Ponies shorts were released in its last couple years instead of near the beginning.
    • Nevertheless, I loved it for what it was; giving glimpses of the Core 7’s personalities
  • I don’t think G4 Rarity said “Darling” nearly as much as G3 Rainbow Dash. Speaking of which, holy heck is she such a contrast from G4 Rainbow Dash.
  • After watching so much of G4, it feels weird hearing ponies say “everybody” instead of “everypony.”
  • Was the cutsey look of G3.5 the only reason people disliked it? I watched Twinkle Wish Adventure and I didn’t think it was that bad.
Overall, I’m now questioning why and how G3 gained such a terrible reputation to begin with.
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>I couldn’t listen to Zipzee, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity without hearing G4 Pinkie Pie and Spike respectively.
And when Zipzee, Twiddlywink, and Tra-La-La find the ponies on the verge of going over a waterfall, I reckon the story censors a “sulat” or two.
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Before G3 Kathleen Barr was doing the voices for ultra-cynical Kevin AND Marie Kanker on the Ed, Edd n Eddy show.
The book “Ponyville Confidential” talks about how those Meet the Ponies shorts were part of Hasbro’s 25th Anniversary re-tooling of G3 in 2007, when top brass decided to focus on mainly on that core of 7. Up to that point Hasbro had mostly figured that spreading the attention over more characters meant they would sell more toys.
Wondering what you mean by “twisted reputation”. G3 was specifically targeted at girls aged 3 to 7. Part of the change was how the focus went from the target group being caretakers of ponies in G1 & G2 to directly identifying with them in G3. By design, the G3 cartoons are more childish and gentle than those from G1. G4 is obviously a huge contrast and aimed at a more mature audience.
By the time G3.5 dropped, legacy MLP fans were starting to feel like it was all going down hill. The G3 toys are gorgeous. The G3.5 ones… aesthetically they leave something to be desired.
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