The G1 Appreciation Thread

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It's hard to say for sure. A couple of trivia sites say that it was him voicing Zeb, but Zeb doesn't really sound much like him at all, at least to me. Although he was credited for doing some voice work on MLPNF, the end credits never specify which characters he does.


One way to appreciate art is to try and imagine what the artist was thinking and feeling at the time they made it. Traditional media is always nice to see because the various strokes and markings are a direct expression of those thoughts and emotions.

Indeed, it would be wonderful to see more fanart from the G1 years, and get an idea of what MLP meant to the people that resonated with it from the beginning.
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Let's keep calm here...

Derpy wasn't the first little pony to go north to find the southern birds—she just failed where G1 ponies succeeded.

(Don't worry; the bird's fine.)

Fizzlepop Berrytwist, alias Tempest Shadow, must really envy Glory.

Oh, and here's a custom Sweet Stuff.
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