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I really got to give it to Andrea from that last episode. She was spot on with the voice acting of her personas! I can imagine a video of her voice recording, imitating Rarity and Tabitha with an annoyed look afterwards….XD
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Oh that’s a good one. Her kindness, her eyes, her hair, her voice, and even her beautiful singing voice is what I love about her! She is everything to me! God bless her, and her element of kindness! I will always and forever love my dearest Fluttershy, my waifu, my beauty of nature!  
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Aaahh Fluttershy. Where to begin? Perhaps with how compassionate and kind you are towards others and all animals big and small. Your lovely, tender voice of an angel. Your grace, beauty, and overall adorableness. The relatability of your struggles and watching you triumph over them. And most importantly, your development as a character and how far you’ve come. That’s what I see in you, Fluttershy.
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