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Does that mean it arrives 2021? DAMN, that's long away… but if it's good, this one is an instabuy
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I just want to die...
It's a figure it's not anime.

I bet most people here that would want an EQG anime would just want some lame 'fanservice' anyway.

So, a few questions for everyone.

Which shorts do you like? For me it's just a few: Good Vibes, Monday Blues, Overpowered, A Little Birdie, Super Squad,Reboxing with Spike, Cheer you On (if I parse it as a dream) and the multiple-choice one with the dog.

An idea of a sane timeline for the series?

How would you have liked a finale to go, if we'd had one?
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That’s going to hard cuz for the finale you to picked off where S8 and 9 left off since the last 2 seasons was during after season 7 and the movie
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If you consider the last special we got as the finale that's actually a really beautiful ending

They all pose together for a final picture for us and send us their best regards.
Then they just live their lives the way they want to, we merely cannot see it anymore.
But that leaves a huge load of explorability for the characters and their world, the options for what might happen are so vast it's amazing.
The last WE saw of them was how we saw and loved them for years and that's beautiful
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