Sunset Shimmer Thread

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Enjoy the final result of Sunset’s reversion and de-evolution into a pony. She is a blank flank in this world, as the potion gave her body a hard reset.
Sunset’s neck lengthened and became thicker, to help her support her larger equestrian head. Her muzzle pushed out and her horn had a final growth spurt. Her shoulders and hips rotated and fixed her into her permanent, quadrupedal stance. Her tail gained a lot of hair and swooshed. Sunset felt so weird as her tail hit her wet flanks. The remains of the ponification serum were sliding along her rump and sides, dampening her soft fur, down to her fetlocks. The last vestiges of her human hands disappeared and now her front hooves were fully developed.
Sunset felt so exposed as the cold breeze of the ocean caressed her tummy and rump. She watched the remains of her bikini dissolved away in the walkway. Her hooves made loud tapping sounds as she balanced and got accustomed to her old center of gravity. Dripping, wet and humiliated, Sunset examined her body and saw that not only she had her old original unicorn body, now she was a blank flank.
Her heart pounded as she thought that she might had been turned into one of those non-magical, non-sapient horses of this world. The fear vanished a bit as she talked and yelled, her normal human voice coming out from her mouth and muzzle. “Well.. I am…still me… I got to find my special talent again, I suppose…. Now, how I am going to explain my boyfriend and the girls that I got reverted into… this?”
She was so accustomed to being human that she didn’t consider herself a unicorn anymore, except during her visits to Princess Twilight. She had told her boyfriend that she was an Equestrian, but he had never seen her like this before. Will he be weirded out? Will he still love her? There was no problem with the Humane Six, her girl friends. Except maybe Pinkie Pie, who might want to ride her right away to the nearest McBurgerdees. Sunset pondered all of this as the sun set in the ocean.
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