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Stygian adorer
I figured I'd start this.

This is a thread for Stygian, the antagonist of Shadow Play.
…or IS he an antagonist, really?

I love quite a lot of characters on this show, main and background alike.
But in the weeks since Shadow Play aired, there's no one that I have expected to glom onto as much as him.

I was behind on watching Season 6 and 7, but somewhere along the line I learned of this guy. I knew he had something to do with the Pony of Shadows, he was in the comics, and something was going to happen. But I didn't know anything about him, or what was going on with him. And after I finally watched the episode, I can honestly say I really felt for his envy and spite driven story. I'm someone who has felt pretty envious in a number of situations, and not even for any selfish reasons either. Thinking about people who have friends, doing things, whereas I have difficulty with really doing anything with anyone; thinking about it for too long isn't pleasant. And the spiteful rejected/despairing feeling as well, that's something I've experienced pretty hard. Just… flooded with contempt and scorn, wanting to feel like you need to be away from certain people… feeling hurt… eesh.

All of this, the whole feeling slighted by those you love, the desperate feelings that come from it… I really felt for him. But that feeling has developed over time into a massive adoration and affection for him.

I know people have mixed opinions of the Pony of Shadows, but Stygian himself I really love. I wish he had one more like or two in the show.
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