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The Bestia
I think if it came down to it, Solar Empire vs New lunar Republics with all their armaments. The winner would obviously be the almighty Twilight Sparkle faction (I’m sure people gave it a name back in the day when these 2 meme empires started)
It wasn’t Luna or Celestia that beat Discord, Sombra, Tirek, Chrysalis, and kickstarted fixing the Griffon country after all. It was Twily and her friends keeping it all together.
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When Snips and Snails start watching PBS, their IQs increase exponentially.
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Finally got around to starting S2, and I’m enjoying it more than season 1 (which I expected, since outside of a few exceptions, I usually find the first season of any given show to be weaker than the second onward), although I’ve only watched Return of Harmony, Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, and Sisterhooves Social so far.
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What music or archetypes would Starlight and Sunset be into in EQG?
It seems like Starlight is a hipster? Maybe someone who goes to have a latte?
Sunset seems to be like a rock and roll girl.
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I want someone to recreate the music video for the song Fireflies, but it’s Sunny Starscout playing on the organ while tiny toys of the G4 characters all turn alive and move around her bedroom.
Algebroot Neogears
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Most names of the Mane Six are three syllables long:
  • Pin-kie Pie
  • Ap-ple-jack
  • Ra-ri-ty
  • Rain-bow Dash
  • Flut-ter-shy
Unlike the others, Twilight Sparkle’s name has four syllables.
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What shows were you into before MLP: FiM?
I was into Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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