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Did they just forget Starlight’s relationship with those four? It’s like she never met them.
And on another I will admit it seems so random how Sugar Belle and Big Mac were thought of as a pairing. And it seems so strange to see Our Town with no mention of Starlight.
I thought Starlight would have been at least like a big sister figure for Sugar Belle.
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Zipp = Tails
Lightning = Shadow
Raindrops = Knuckles
Pipp = Cream/Sonia
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@Hollowfox The Worst
…because people like the idea? Shipping happens for all sorts of reasons, some much crazier than “pair the quiet ones”.
Even so, the official creative team can pick and choose which ships they want and which ships they don’t want.
And Fluttermac sadly was in the latter and it always is since 2012 when the writers decide to pair Big Mac up with someone else other than Fluttershy since Hearts and Hooves Day. Not to mention they don’t like crack ships (or for a lack of better word, ships that has two characters that never met in the show)
Heck, What you said also applies to canon ships whether it’s the dreadful Sugarmac or the only good canon ship, ShiningCadance.
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Yea, and yet the ship became canon for no reason other than pairing them up and making Fluttershy more bitchier and Courtneyier (you’ll understand once you seen all first three seasons of Total Drama) than before. (with further episodes like Fame and Misfortune and Fake it Til You Make It, and probably Sounds of Silence (especially her arguing with Applejack))
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@Background Pony #E9EE
She shouldn’t have done that. Celestia should have chosen someone else to reform, but nooooo, she wants her friends to betray Fluttershy by being constantly angry at him for stupid reasons even if he’s reformed.
(See Three’s A Crowd and A Matter of Principals)
This is why I don’t ship Fluttercord.
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  1. Yet her friends didn’t betray her, since Celestia would call them out. (even though she didn’t say it, I know she would most likely defend her.) I don’t think Celestia intended it.
  2. You never mention one episode from pony life. And not surprising you brought up A Matter of Principals.
  3. Again, from @Latecomer:
…because people like the idea? Shipping happens for all sorts of reasons, some much crazier than “pair the quiet ones”.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have minded fluttermac, but, I just don’t see any dynamic in them. Plus, even if discord wasn’t reformed, she wouldn’t have been with Big Mac.
But ehh, I respect your opinion.

Can we just admit that if Seasons 8 and 9 are truly canon, that Discord’s behavior in them alone should completely render FlutterCord or any ship with Discord an abusive relationship, if not a suicide pact?

Honestly if someone would be willing to pretend to be a villain to help my friend in their new leadership position of the country, i would wanna buck them immediately. Discord is the type to slap someone for looking at u the wrong way, that’s hot!
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Wanna know how tough I am?
I listened to The Magic of Friendship Grows, and I didn’t cry.
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