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@Lord WyrmSpawN
That sounds kind of sad. Having great knowledge yet not being able to apply it. Sunset would be dissapointed.
It’s a good thing Starlight encouraged him to use unlock his hidden potential. That’s something I admire of her in that episode.

Well she thought he was dying and couldn’t cope with that. A fairly dark for mlp but necessary topic handled with rainbow there. Probably one of the only episodes were when a character cried I cried too.. @Lord WyrmSpawN
because otherwise i usually just don’t feel the genuine angst the characters go through like they’ll have a mental breakdown over spilling milk lol.

To be precise, she phased out slowly throughout the season - she was involved with planning for the royal wedding before Cadance was an alicorn. (And if I’m not mistaken, Magic Duel was held back from Season 2, so she may have had some hand there…)

shining armor should have joined the guys night group, like a plot line of him taking a break from his royal duties or whatever just like cadence wanted to do.
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