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Howdy from Shimmer Pope
I got more of a unOC.
<- His whole design is basically ripped from the default avatar when I joined this site.
Only thing "original" about him is the name. Never used him in any fiction though. It'd feel weird.
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It took me a while to notice that Rainbow Dash may actually have a theme tune in Pony Life (heard in "Bighoof Walking", "Zound Off", and "The Mysterious Voice"; maybe others too).

If I am guessing right: When putting the chunks heard throughout the episodes in the correct order, it starts with only a guitar and drums (heard in "Bighoof Walking"), then later builds up from there into something much more triumphant (heard in "The Mysterious Voice").

It can be fitting for a character who is very competitive.

Now I am trying to think of what the other characters' themes may be as I am re-watching episodes.
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