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Shiny Bug
tbh I've always imagined that that's what Twilight would look like in the future. Though in my head it was a darker purple mane/tail with the pink stripes being an aurora, though I suppose that wouldn't be easy to animate in Flash and keep in the show's style.

@Brass Beau
Secret of My Excess is one of my favorite Spike episodes. One of the reasons why is because of the dragon design, it looks really cool to me. So seeing how his future design is it makes me dissatisfied but not surprised since Spike seems like the type to focus on his muscles. His future design is so similar to his Knight design.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
@ShadowBolt Platinum
Two episodes (maybe one-and-a-half) and a mini-arc in the comics is all we got with Flutterbat which seems weird considering how popular the design was. Did they ever make a Flutterbat (or bat pony in general) toy? Seems like an oversight if they didn't.

@Brass Beau
Really, I found her quite _over_used — she was a one-episode gimmick, like the Power Ponies forms in the previous episode. (And one who pretty much stole tge episode, at that.)
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