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They're popular cases, and they get occasional uploads even after their creators left.

And honestly, if I was serious, I'd have posted this in the Site and Policy section.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
So one guy is trying to drown Twilight in the most horrfic way possible in these latest images.

I'd say "WTF" but I'm growing numb to these antics.
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Everytime I look at those images of 90's Grunge Fluttershy, I can just hear Sublime and The Offspring playing on my head.
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@Brass Beau
It was actually due to the old "Ask Crusaders" tumblr that Jan had running before the entire C&D after his old Button's Adventures was canned.

Fun fact: Had it continued, we would have introduced to Button's cousin, Biscuit.

Tagger of the Unknown
Has anyone ever struggled trying to watch all 9 seasons of MLP? So that I can achieve my childhood dream of writing fanfiction, I want to start watching every episode.

Tagger of the Unknown
If you don't mind people talking, you can always use youtube commentaries of episodes. And at least the ones I know, like Soundspeed add funny jokes and not just stay silent unlike some reaction channels. Interestingly the ones without face cams are ones that actually say stuff instead pf adding nothing.

And of course there is Dailymotion. I think?

edit: Soundspeed's videos I think are now only on Dailymotion. But CobaltSkys is still up.
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>We never got a Rarity and Trixie episode
>We never got to see Rarity and Trixie out-ham each other
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