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Ever hear an old pony song that has been nothing but a joke for years, but suddenly made you tear up and start blubbering when you finish it?
Separate question: anyone have that Equestria Girls “Leak” that6 gave the mane six human names?
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I have an idea for an MLP game: tactical turn-based combat where you command a squad of royal guards fighting changelings. Between unicorn magic, pegasus weather manipulation, and earth pony strength and endurance, you could come up with some great special abilities. You could get creative with the changelings too. They don’t all have to be weak drones. The game would be kind of like X-Com, without the RNG bullshit and brutal difficulty.
@Lord WyrmSpawN
I can’t say I’ve ever teared up to a pony song, but Hymn to the Moon has beautiful vocals.
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