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If MLP: FiM ever had a Rule 63 episode, I’d have John O’Hurley (original voice of King Neptune on Spongebob) voice Prince Solaris.
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Some of my favorite derpi tags: this will end in pain and/or death, paper-thin disguise, and of course weird lizzer hole
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@Lord WyrmSpawN
My take is that Twilight reads books to learn spells, reads to make sleepovers, reads to know how to run a marathon, to be judge at a party event, to learn how to save Equestria…in other words she loves knowledge because she wants to apply it.
Reading and no partaking in adventure nor any excitement activity however makes her feel bored out of her mind.
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When I play Sims Vacation. I enter the rosebud cheat, take away the doors, fill the house with fireplaces and wooden furniture, then watch everything unfold…
Sometimes, I take pictures XD
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