Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post (pony version)

river mines

Sprout throwing trash at Sunny’s house was more malicious than destroying her house.
In the movie the intention was to prevent the crystals from joining together and the destruction of the lighthouse was a consequence nothing personal.
in MYM Sprout was invited by Sunny (which is a miracle) and threw trash on the floor with a smile on his face, it was clearly intentional.
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I like the differences between the two Rainbows.
Pony Rainbow is the military one out of the Mane Six, because the Wonderbolts she admires since she was a foal are a military group. EqG Rainbow doesn’t have this childhood passion (in fact the Wonderbolts aren’t mentioned at all in EqG) and so she didn’t emulate that part of their character.
Also, EqG Rainbow yells “sneak attack!” and takes the time to add “bet you weren’t expecting this,” plus she combat rolls around everywhere with showy poses when she ‘sneaks,’ whereas Pony Rainbow was maximum sneaky when she wanted that Daring Do book back.
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Fluttershy was an introvert in the early stages of the show. But as the character develops she became more sociable while still maintain her strict solitary comfortness.
Therefore, Fluttershy is now an ambivert.
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