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I’d like to pose a question that I’ve spent entirely too much time thinking about: Changeling or Hippogriff OC? which would be cooler, stronger, better?
now a follow up question since changeling won in a landslide. because I’ve wasted a lot of time pondering this I’ve got two changeling OC designs one white the other blue which would be better.
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One of the most underrated jokes of Season 8, and of the whole show, is of the tiny party cannon
Everything about it was perfect. The framing, the comedic timing, the voice acting from Andrea Libman, the way how she said it, the fact that the joke itself doesn’t make sense and especially the noise that the cannon made as it shot tiny confetti. I also like that Applejack and Rarity are in the background not reacting to the cannon at all and staying static looking at Pinkie.
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I missed the latest episode of Elements of Justice so I stayed up super late to finish and it is worth it. This My Little Pony crossover series based on a video game with limited animations and conveying dialogue through boxes has the writing and voice acting of a god. How dare it make me so emotional!
This makes me want to watch the whole thing from the beginning all over again, the one 12 years ago.
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