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Some stuff in it hasn’t aged the best, but it’s still my favorite abridged MLP series. But I feel it was never meant to go on for long. As the show progressed they’d have to either put their own spin on more and more characters, or edit out large chunks of the episode (they even make fun of that in Celestia’s Standalone Adventure, when they assign the Young Six the wackiest characteristics they can.) I still wish we would’ve gotten to see You Smooze You Loose fully realized, though their take on Discord is just…okay, to me.
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I hate smartdonkeys
I still have yet to get back into either generation. In G4 I’ve only watched up to halfway of season 4, and for G5 I’ve only seen the premiere movie.

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What do you think about people who hate Discord and object to people liking him? It’s okay to like him, right?
Based Jim, Discord is the most complex character in mlp, he can do great things and also not so great things. Do worse things than characters u are actually meant to hate but also do better things than them, not so reliable ally but heart in the right place. True Disharmony that is Discord.
He’s a spirit of chaos and disharmony so ofc he still causes chaos and disharmony and he didn’t have any companionship throughout his life making his actions/motive make sense based on his character. He does genuinely want to be better and does care for others besides just Fluttershy. In tries to use his chaos for good instead of evil in his own way, by teaching the heroes lessons while still being a troll. He has amazing lore, a unique character design, a great voice actor, is great sense of humor. He was a awesome villain. I could say even more but this is the basic summary of why he is my personally favorite and why I would argue he’s the best character.
People genuinely think that discord is a terrible character, he deserves better.

Draconequues Lover
@Lord WyrmSpawN
U know your comment is almost a compliment because instead of being able to retort against anything, u seemingly stubbornly saw my point and looked for the only thing u feel that u can point out as wrong and it was just wording.
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