Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post (pony version)

Background Pony #D4C8
Bright Mac and Pear Butter had more chemistry and more believable romance in ONE EPISODE than Shining and Cadance had in 8 seasons.
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@Background Pony #D4C8
Yeah. Not that the apples parents were that interesting, but since they only have one episode compared to Cadence and Shining having seasons of chance, naturally the later would feel like boring characters that mostly exists to be Twilight’s happy family and nothing else.
In fact, their characterization are pretty dependent on Twilight that without her, they really have nothing to do.
Background Pony #D4C8
I don’t remember seeing people making a big deal about Twilicorn or EQG.
Is that weird?
Background Pony #D4C8
Discord gives the Mane Six a copy of Mario Party, saying it’ll make their friendship stronger.
Background Pony #D4C8
>School of Friendship
>Student Six
>Grogar twist
Remember when people thought Twilicorn was the worst decision the writers made?
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