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Here's another idea I had that ties into what I've been saying about Chrysalis.

The scene takes place at the Friendship School, after "The Ending of The End". Twilight and Applejack are teaching a class about feedback loops, which is a callback to "Applejack's 'Day' Off". Applejack gives an example of a negative feedback loop, where an abundance of food leads to an increase in population, which leads to a shortage of food, which leads to a decrease in population. This causes Ocellus to bring up Queen Chrysalis and the history of the changelings. Even though she's a bit uncomfortable saying Chrysalis' name, and Twilight offers to tell the class what she means, Ocellus insists on explaining it herself.

Once of the changeling elders had told her that changeling populations tend to be low and sparse. However, every now and then, an Apex Changeling, also known as a "Changeling Queen" is born. They are far more powerful and aggressive, and their hunts yield far more love than regular changelings. This leads to a population explosion. Chrysalis is just the latest Apex Changeling.

And what this does is it gives Chrysalis' character some bitter irony. The things that make her exceptional are a double-edged sword. She's the reason many changelings are alive, and also the reason they were starving. All she knows how to do is what her instincts tell her. This also adds an extra layer to the "redemption through civilization" and "nature versus civilization" ideas.
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Time is moving by so fast that I forgot that the April Fools is coming soon, who knows what the event is gonna be about?
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