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Alright so, I've been looking for an excuse to post my opinions on Chrysalis reforming, and I guess this is it.

I don't think you can reform Chrysalis, and trying to do so is a disservice to her character. However, I do think you can give her a good ending. If Chrysalis was interested in redemption, you'd think she'd be reflecting on her actions during "A Canterlot Wedding". Something like

"He loves her. He loves her and we're just using him for food. Is this really what we are?"

Instead, she sings songs about how much she loves manipulating and controlling others. Most importantly, she still chooses to be the bad guy when she no longer has to be after the events of "To Where and Back Again".

When we first meet the changelings, they're predators/parasites. They redeem themselves by rising above this predator/parasite lifestyle and becoming civilized. By contrast, Chrysalis becomes more feral and animalistic after parting ways with her hive. She lives in the wilderness, transforms into animals, and hunts prey for herself.

I think the good ending for Chrysalis is the changeling version of "Return to Monke". She rejects the changelings' path to redemption, stays true to who she is and what she stands for, returns to nature and basically has a great time.
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Ok, then.

What if Celestia unleashed Daybreaker duting the fight with Chrysalis? What if Daybreaker spared Chrysalis??
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Why would Daybreaker spare someone? And wasn't Daybreaker just Celetia's nightmare, one she swore to never happen in real life? And the show is Twi and Co, so it would be whatever Twilight's version of Daybreaker would be.
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That being said though, i find it odd that Pinkie doesn't fight hoof to hoof.
I didn't read any fanfics fyi.
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