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reformation is the best
Perhaps they could have TVs but i still say is there just not used often, but this au for these characters in this land starts in 1897 currently, a hundred or so years before twilight or even granny smith were born ( well at that point the land has not been founded yet)

and the tech will develop like our world, just with equestrian standards (the use of it being for necessity) but most of the tech would be around by the time twilight comes to ponyville even before then and i say the tech is advanced even for us due to the use of magic, electricity and crystals

i was thinking that they use carts like in that one episode with cart racing but is more advanced but is used ONLY when a family wants to go somewhere but do not want to be on a train with strangers and is advanced because it could hover but they use it only when is winter (to prevent accidents) but most of the time they would use regular waggons if the place they want to go is not that far or they just walk

this is just an idea and most would use waggons, they could even have a bus but again is horse-drawn, not motorized, again just an idea I'm still thinking about it due to the idea of being too big or bulky to handle but again this is why i have this rule here
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