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Probably one of my favorite Discord episodes.

So wholesome. (Who would have thought that word could be used for the Lord of Chaos)

I like how ever since Season 5 Discord has had episodes of him bettering himself like the Smooze episode (where he learns to not be jealous and actually apologize to Tree Hugger) or the DnD episode (where he gets friends besides Fluttershy) and most recently this one. He's becoming independent enough to actually contribute something himself to Fluttershy.

And Fluttershy ever since Season 4 and especially 6 has really been less of a learner and more of a teacher at this point. She inspires others to greatness like Zephyr and Discord and perhaps others.

It's amazing how people back in 2013 said how Fluttershy didn't grow but honestly she just took her sweet time.

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