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Stop the Blueblood Hate

Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

If blueblood didn’t said ¨one’s clothes should take care of the problem¨, I’m sure Rarity would have been just happy to avoid it and satisfied by a ¨let’s walk around it¨ solution. Putting his clothes in the water for a lady to walk on is something exclusive of theatrical courting, Really, it’s just faster to walk around than waiting for someone to do that anyway. The only people who might do it, know they are overdoing it but it looks poetic, just like in a movie, and it shows their willingness to sacrifice their comfort for their loved one so they do it for the show. That’s why Rarity was right to expect it after Blueblood said his line, he really sounded like he was going to do it for the beauty of the gesture.
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

If there wasn’t such a long time between the line I quoted and his action, we could even said he said that on purpose to create bigs hopes in her and crush them hard. It would have imply that he is a mastermind at this.
Thread Starter - One Piece Thread

Get up and Jump
I really hope Blueblood becomes a minor villain (maybe team up with discord) so that he becomes liked without becoming a gary stu like SA
King Sombra
Thread Starter - Unpopular opinion time

Do we really have this conversation?  
I mean is it really worth the time to defend a cartoon character that probably just had 7 or 8 Minutes of screentime?  
I mean however this conversation is ending it’s not gonna change anything.  
People will still hate blueblood and that’s pretty much that.  
I am a big King Sombra fan. (username duh) And he also gets alot of shit thrown at him.  
So i give you a good advice.  
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