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Starlight Glimmer Appreciation Thread

Pinto Bean
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refried sans lard
I love Starlight.
It has been truly satisfying to see how much she has evolved since her debut. She has always been highly intelligent and motivated, with magical ability nearly equal to that of Twilight. It was sad to see how a traumatic event in her life led her down a dark path towards becoming a hard line idealist and a control freak. Her self-injuries nearly destroyed her, along with all of Equestria, but fortunately she found her salvation and has continued to experience tremendous personal growth ever since. Her true potential has yet to be fully revealed.
Eyes open wide, she is willing to learn and readily owns up to her past mistakes. She is perfectly imperfect and remains controversial in spite of her efforts to do good. Through her unique experience, she was the only pony who could see The Pony of Shadows as lonely and misunderstood, and vilified by his own heroes. More and more she continues to be a positive influence on her friends, especially Twilight.
Redemption & forgiveness have been key themes for FiM since the beginning, and I believe that the creative staff for the show really wanted to bring this message to the forefront with Starlight. In a world where many people want to see things as black or white, it is refreshing that a show like FiM doubles down on its colorful portrayal of (ex-)antagonists.
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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
@Pinto Bean  
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  
I think that Starlight is one of the most unique characters to grace children’s fiction,  
for many of the reasons you stated.  
A role model who is not only imperfect, but scarred by a dark self-inflicted past.  
Overcoming negative inner conflict, and learning to forgive yourself.  
This is something kids need to learn too. And Starlight teaches well.
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People love reformed characters who has to struggle against a distrustful or hostile environment and come out victorious. Their struggle is to convince others that they have changed and is now a good person. Sunset Shimmer is a golden example of that.
Starlight Glimmer, flips it around. Everybody is nice to her, tolerates her and even forgives her again and again, yet Starlight keeps falling flat on her face and harms herself and others in her long journey to become a good person.
It is far easier to admire and look up to Sunset than Starlight. Sunset is a classic case of the underdog hero who had to fight an uphill battle against the world, she’s an inspiration.
Starlight on the other hand is a case of someone who fights terrible habits, insecurity,low self-esteem and is slowly working on self-improvement. Lastly, Starlight attracts simarly “broken” characters to her.
I love Starlight so much.
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