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Sprout Cloverleaf Thread

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For posting images of, and discussing, Sprout Cloverleaf. After all, a lot of characters that were introduced as antagonists have become some of the most beloved characters in the show.
This thread is for celebrating Sprout from a positive and optimistic standpoint. Please try to keep your discussions here civil and respectful of the opinions of others.
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In the movie, I feel like Sprout wasn’t so much drunk on power as he was drunk on self-worth.
Related, I’ve thought about his predicament now that he’s on the run. He’s not in Maretime Bay anymore, which means three things;
1) He’s not in Hitch’s or Phyllis’ shadow anymore. Maybe Sunny’s too, since she was his friend like Hitch.
2) He needs another goal than making his mother proud now.
3) He’s on his own and can’t fall back on Hitch, Phyllis or anyone else making things easy for him anymore.
I wouldn’t be surprised if, in this ‘shape up or sink’ situation, Sprout manages to find himself and become his own stallion rather than the “Hitch’s assistant” or “Phyllis’ son” he might have felt like until then.
also the reason Sugar Moonlight wasn’t seen since the movie was that she loved his new confidence and they eloped together
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