Spike Thread

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That moment when you realize that Spike of all characters has the highest confirmed kill count in the show.
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Spike finally got wings in Season 8, but do you think he should have gotten them earlier? Think of all the stories they could have done, with lots of potential for character development.

Or are you just glad it happened at all?
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Spike might make mistakes, but when he messes up, he doesn't rest until he makes things right.
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"Spike is an incompetent idiot in his episodes!".

The only Spike episodes I can think of where he was an incompetent idiot were Spike at Your Service and Princess Spike.
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Do we even know what Spike's goals and desires are besides being Twilight's assistant?
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I've noticed that quite a few fans are either neutral on Spike, or don't like him, saying the show wasted his potential.

How would you have fixed it so Spike would be more popular? Maybe reveal his parents? Or is Spike fine the way he is?
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Spike cooks, cleans, is funny, honest, kind, and loyal.

He'd be the best boyfriend ever.
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Reminder that Spike is canonically good at giving massages.

He's gonna get a lot of mares when he's older.
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