Rainbow Dash thread.

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Happy to be here ^_^
Wish you all the best. It's been a long time since I joined the fandom. I grew up so much. And even if my life seriously had changed and I don't spend much time for ponies anymore. I still think Rainbow is best pony.
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Seeing how thrill-seeking she was revealed to be in Once Upon a Zeppelin, I can easily picture Rainbow crushing on no one less than Twilight Velvet.

I don't think they actually interacted even once in the entire show, but there's certainly room for said interaction offscreen. Even if that room amounts to being in the same area only because of someone else, like in A Canterlot Wedding, Magical Mystery Cure and The Last Problem.

Bonus point if she first mistook Velvet for "Twilight's older, sexier sister" rather than her mother when she first saw her at the royal wedding.

I imagine they'd hit it off with flying colors even without a crush being involved, though.
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