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Rainbow Dash thread.

Sweet Blast
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Practice makes perfect
Hey there!  
Sweet Blast here! Or. Like someone noticed. ,,Previously known as Kitty-Cat2018”. As the title of thread says. We gonna discuss here about our cutest,loyal,blue pegasus.  
  1. Not spamming grimdark or gore pictures. It can be just safe,suggestive,questionable or explicit. (Memes are too acceptable here 😊)  
  2. No hating for Celestia’s sake! I hate peoples what complaing!  
  3. If you don’t want be here. Go to another thread 😊. Easy.  
  4. From now on no fetishes. That means all kinds of
Have fun,my sweetiest Dashfags with discussion about her 😊!
Background Pony #2AEC
Honestly. She’s so cute. And when she begins to sing it makes me smile so much! Just because she has one of the most beautiful singing voices!
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