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Queen Novo Thread

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Who asked for a Queen Novo thread? It was me. It was me this whole time.  
There isn’t a thread dedicated to her to my knowledge, so why not start one? She’s criminally underrated and definitely deserves more love.  
Anyway, a few ground rules.  
  1. All Novo images (minus ones that are meant to provoke or Novobuse) are welcome. Questionable and NSFW stuff should have a spoiler. Some people may not wanna see those. Also no “fetish-y” art.
  2. No Novo-neighsayers. This is an appreciation thread, after all, so show her some kindness. Any kind of bashing for the sake of bashing her (as well as the aforementioned abuse and other negative images) won’t be tolerated. Again, appreciation thread. We get enough negativity as is.
  3. Be sure to stay on topic and be kind to each other. I mean, the latter is the one of main morals of the show, right?
  4. Discussions are fine, its fun to talk about Novo. But remember to stay on topic, and certainly don’t use as a vehicle for negativity.  
    If this thread goes over well, I might do one for Skystar if she doesn’t have one already, because she’s a cutie too. So let’s go and give Queen FishBirbPone Mom the love that she deserves!
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