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Proof that Scootaloo can fly

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Scootaloo is one of my favourite characters from MLP. Many people know her to be an orange Pegasus filly who is one of the cutie mark crusaders and is often associated with her inability to fly. Many people have stated that Scootaloo has a disability of some kind which causes stunted growth in her wings, thus leading to her inability to be airborne. Many people have speculated this theory and some have even deemed it as canon, but I held in jumping to conclusions and believed that Scootaloo would one day be able to take to the skies.  
But did you actually know that Scootaloo did fly in one scene in MLP FiM? People who say that Scootaloo is a disabled Pegasus have missed this, and everybody probably disregarded this scene and didn’t think too much about it, like it was erased from their memory or they probably didn’t see the episode Sleepless In Ponyville. There is one scene in the episode Sleepless In Ponyville when Scootaloo is walking through the forest with Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the CMC on a camping trip, then Scootaloo suddenly steps on a stick and is startled which causes her to swiftly fly up and grab onto a cloud that’s floating above. She then loses her grip on the cloud and falls through the ground. Here is a YouTube link of the clip of the episode Sleepless In Ponyville which shows this:  
Everybody should now know that Scootaloo has the potential to fly and is clearly isn’t equipped with handicapped wings which prevent her from doing so, as this is indisputable evidence. She flew up after stepping on a stick and getting startled and then grabbed onto a cloud above. Most people probably missed this scene which is how they were able to theorise that Scootaloo can’t fly. But that I knew Scootaloo would be able to fly all along and she probably will learn to be an amazing flyer one day. If anybody has any argument against this evidence I’d love to hear it. But for all I know this is indisputable proof that Scootaloo can fly.

all she needs is more than average wing strength training.
Bulk biceps is 20 times her size with the same size wigs and he can still fly fairly well (although it takes a lot of conservation for him)
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