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Pony Venting Thread


@ichiban iceychan 1517
Cullen’s the creator because he’s head of Boulder Media, the animation studio Hasbro bought. I don’t know if it’s been confirmed if he will continue as showrunner. He also wasn’t show’s character designer.
Faust was venerated because she came up with the original character designs and foundation for the show’s worldbuilding while also retooling the franchise from the ground up.
It’s the same thing with Derrick Wyatt/Transformers Animated or Ciro Neill/TMNT 2012.
Background Pony #BAA6
I have no idea why the other characters put up with Discord, and don’t tell him to fuck off. That’s what you do when you keep giving someone chances, and they keep being an asshole. Made even worse by the fact that the show HAD an episode with the moral, “You can’t be friends with everyone, and sometimes you need to cut people out of your life” with Griffon the Brush Off.
Hollowfox The Worst
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@Background Pony #BAA6
Still, it’s like they want to betray Fluttershy and disassociate with her just because of Discord. Leading to possibilities of Evil vengeful Flutterbitch that Big Macintosh is always afraid of.
This shit is why I won’t, haven’t, don’t, and will NEVER ship Fluttercord. EVER.
Background Pony #3F25
@The Worst Person
But, again, he:
-helped them against Tirek
-helped Starlight against the changelings
-participated in the final battle
And through all that, they forgiven him. True, they still have every right to be angry at him, but wanting to betray fluttershy, they didn’t even want to, since she did redeem him and they know it.
But, I respect your opinion, since I won’t force you to ship it.
Hollowfox The Worst
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@Background Pony #3F25
@Background Pony #3F25
Sheesh, God forbid people should be happy and act like it’s no big deal when someone is redeemed. Just like they did to Starlight. Twilight redeemed her and so far there is no “ree i am angry at you for stupid reasons” drama towards her like they do with Discord.
You heard me, people hating him to the point of wanting to shun Fluttershy out of society over her reforming Discord is the reason why I am not fond of the ship.
Hollowfox The Worst
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True, but what I meant was, unlike with Discord, the mane cast are pretty chill with Starlight.
Maybe is the internalized “frick men” energy in the series’ crew (I refuse to use the M-word since someone doesn’t like it and treats it as nonexistent) or maybe they don’t want chaos in the friendship circle when it comes to Discord being Discord.
Also, if nobody is shunning Fluttershy for Discord, why was Pear Butter shunned for Bright Mac by the racist pears? Sorry for bringing a different topic, but still.
Penguin Dragneel
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Tensa Zangetsu
I’m honestly just getting sick and tired of this fandom and its arguments over canon material.
Like, it’s one thing to think that the finale was bad. It’s another thing to ignore what actually happened there, and insult the people who don’t agree with you.
Background Pony #F853
@Penguin Dragneel
Happens in every fandom sadly.
Main examples being Sonic, Spyro, Crash, Undertale and Wings of Fire.
MLP can be one, too, as we see.
Honestly, i pass fix off as a AU.
Background Pony #F853
To note:
I’ve seen a lot of fix fics on Fimfiction, but the forementioned fic might have the most controversy ever seen for a fix fic. And that’s saying something.
Background Pony #F853
@Penguin Dragneel
One more thought: If (and a big IF) the three actually do get released in G5, will the author cancel the fic since he’s satisfied with how it went, or will he make it a AU?
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